Course Overview

The PhD in Perception, Cognition & Action is a structured PhD programme that extends for four years full time or six years part time with thesis submission due no later than the end of the final year of the course. In the first year students take various modules as part of the taught elements of the programme which could include content related to programming experiments or analyses and the focus is on dynamical cognitive science and behaviour, perception, EEG analysis and theoretical models in cognition. In Year 1 students are focussed, through modular learning towards preparation of a research proposal and thesis, while, and with the exception of two taught modules in Year 3, the remainder of the degree concentrates in preparation of a substantial research thesis.

Programmes Available

Structured PhD (full-time, four years)
Structured PhD (part-time, six years)
Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System


Learning Outcomes

Entry Requirements

Students are selected by a Course Committee comprising the course Directors, prospective research supervisor and Head of School of Psychology. Entrants are expected to have no less than an upper second class honours degree in psychology or a discipline related to experimental psychology (e.g., cognitive science, computer science, engineering, physiology). If students do not have this basic qualification they must demonstrate high ability by some other means (e.g., through publications or achievement in a higher degree).

Who’s Suited to This Course

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Research Areas

The Perception, Cognition & Action research group seeks to advance understanding of the complex structure of human thought and behaviour. We conduct experimental research into the perceptual, psychophysiological, cognitive and learning processes involved in complex human behaviour. Our major research strengths are in the areas of visual perception, attention, language, consciousness and memory. We use laboratory-based methods including behavioural and psychophysical paradigms, often with concurrent electroencephalographic or eye movement recording.

 Research interests (part-time programme):

  • Perception and Cognition
  • Dynamical Cognition
  • Behaviour and Action
  • Psychophysics
  • Brain Imaging (EEG)

Researcher Profiles

Members of the Perception, Cognition, & Action research group: Mark Elliott, Michael Hogan, Michael Keane, Denis O'Hora, Ian Stewart

Download research bio for Mark Elliott, here.

Course Fees

Fees: EU

€5,750 p.a. (€5,890 including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Non EU

€14,500 p.a. (€14,640 including levy) 2024/25

Extra Information

EU Part time: Year 1 €4,250 p.a. (€4,390 including levy) 2024/25

All students, irrespective of funding, must pay the student levy €140.

Contact Us

Dr. Mark Elliott
T +353 91 495 345