Course Overview

Sustainability commands a critical position on the global business agenda, influencing individual decision-making and shaping the strategic course of business organizations.

As the central focus of your academic journey, this course offers the chance to explore sustainability and sustainable development. Specialized units delve into topics like the circular economy, addressing social, ethical, and environmental challenges. Your studies will culminate in a sustainability research project, affording you the opportunity to collaborate with a real client on an assigned brief related to sustainability.

Our MSc in Management and Sustainability programme is designed to shape future business leaders who will drive positive change, contribute to responsible business practices, and make a lasting impact on the world. Join us in building a sustainable future through education and leadership.

This programmes provides graduates with a generalist management education whilst nurturing leaders with a deep understanding of global business sustainability issues. Graduates will acquire a holistic skill set, blending critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, as well as management and sustainable business practices. This comprehensive approach ensures graduates are well-equipped to take on a range of different management roles and embed sustainability in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Real-World Application and Experience: Stand out in the competitive job market with hands-on experience gained through internship opportunities, consultancy projects, and practical assignments. Our emphasis on applied learning ensures that you are not just theory-savvy but also adept at implementing sustainable business and management practices in real organisational settings.

Students will have the opportunity to apply for an internship with an Irish or multinational organisation. Students can alternatively complete an applied consultancy project and optional modules that will allow you to customise your learning towards your own particular focused career path.

Global Perspectives: Engage with a diverse cohort and faculty, gaining insights into global sustainability issues. Our programme fosters a rich environment for networking, providing opportunities to connect with industry leaders, sustainability experts, and alumni. This global perspective prepares you to navigate the complexities of sustainable business and management practices in different cultural and economic contexts.

Applications and Selections

Applications are made online via the University of Galway Postgraduate Applications System

Who Teaches this Course

Dr. Rachel Hilliard—Programme Director

Requirements and Assessment

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Normally a H2.1 degree (NFQ Level 8 or equivalent). However, candidates with a H2.2 honours degree and who have a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience, will also be considered. IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent, if applicable. Similar to any modern work environment, we welcome students of diverse academic backgrounds, including law, business, arts, science and engineering graduates, to apply for the programme and believe your experience will enrich the diversity of what this programme offers.


Additional Requirements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


1 year, full-time

Next start date

September 2024

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QQI/FET FETAC Entry Routes

Closing Date

Offers are made on a rolling basis.

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Course Outline

Immerse yourself in a curriculum that seamlessly integrates management principles with sustainability studies. This programme provides a well-rounded education that prepares you to address management issues with a clear focus on the environmental, social, and economic challenges in the business world. 

MSc Management and Sustainability  

Introduction to Sustainability (5 ECTS)  

Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills  

Business & Professional Development Skills  

Sustainable HRM (10 ECTS)  

Sustainable Strategies (5 ECTS)  

Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship (10 ECTS)  

Business & Society (5 ECTS)

Leadership, Change and Business Transformation (5 ECTS)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management (5 ECTS)  

Behaviour Change for Sustainability (5 ECTS)  

Pathway Option 1: Internship

Internship and Applied Management Report (30 ECTS)  

Work placements are competitive and subject to the availability of suitable positions. We will source as many work placement opportunities as possible, but it is at the discretion of employers as to whether they shortlist and offer a position to applicants. Students may also self-source their own work placement subject to the approval of the Placement Office.


Pathway Option 2: Consultancy

- Applied Consultancy Report (20 ECTS)  

PLUS 2 Options: (all 5 ECTS)  

- Project Management  

- Negotiations  

-Green and Sustainable Finance  

- Renewable Energy Economics and Policy   

- European Energy Policy   

- Global Issues in Agricultural, Marine and Renewable Energy Economics  

Subject to final change and approval.

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Business Leadership and Management Roles: With a solid foundation in essential management principles, strategic thinking, and organizational behavior, our graduates often step into positions such as Project Managers, Operations Managers, Team Managers with international and multinational organizations. These roles involve overseeing teams, making strategic decisions, and ensuring the smooth functioning of various business functions. Whether in strategy, management, sustainability, or operations, the versatility of this course opens doors to leadership positions where graduates can contribute to the overall success and growth of organizations.

Consulting and Strategy: Many of our graduates find their niche in management consulting with global companies, leveraging their expertise to advise organizations on improving efficiency, solving complex challenges, and driving strategic initiatives, along with how to accelerate the sustainability and the ESG agenda in organization. Management consulting practices are expanding their sustainability related graduate recruitment to mee the growing business needs in this area. As Management Consultants, our alumni work with diverse clients, offering insights into optimizing processes, implementing change management, and enhancing overall business performance as well as social and environmental objectives. The strategic thinking and analytical skills honed during the programme make them valuable assets for consulting firms. Additionally, graduates may pursue roles in corporate strategy, where they contribute to shaping the long-term vision and goals of organizations, ensuring they remain competitive and adaptable in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Diverse Pathways in Sustainable Management: Graduates of our MSc in Management with Sustainability programme enter a dynamic job market with a versatile skill set that aligns with the growing demand for sustainability-minded professionals. Career opportunities abound in diverse sectors internationally, including but not limited to corporate sustainability, environmental consulting, sustainable supply chain management, and social entrepreneurship. With expertise in areas such as sustainable strategies, green finance, and corporate social responsibility, our alumni are well-prepared to assume leadership roles in organizations committed to making a positive impact on the planet and society.

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, our programme equips graduates to venture into social entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation. Armed with a deep understanding of sustainable business practices and the creativity and entrepreneurship skills to drive innovation, our alumni are well-suited to launch their ventures or join existing enterprises focused on creating positive social and environmental impact. From eco-friendly product development to socially responsible startups, our graduates embody the ethos of sustainability-driven entrepreneurship.

Examples of Management Titles:

  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Department Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive Trainee
  • Business Development Associate
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Process Improvement Specialist
  • Management Trainee

Example of Sustainability-Focused Roles:

  • Sustainability Manager
  • CSR Specialist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Analyst
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Climate Policy Analyst
  • Sustainable Business Strategist
  • Sustainable Finance Analyst
  • ESG Analyst
  • Circular Economy Strategist

University of Galway University Sustainability Rankings and Accolades

  • University of Galway has been named the number one university in Ireland for sustainable development for a second year in a row, and we are also ranked 34th in the world by Times Higher Education THE Impact Rankings 2023
  • In addition to its top 50 Overall Impact rank, University of Galway was ranked 5th in the world for SDG12:Responsible Consumption and Production, ranked 21st in the world in SDG 14: Life Below Water in addition to a number of other top 50 ranks in other SDGs - See more on University of Galway's SDG Ranking results here.
  • University of Galway is a national Sustainable Development Goal Champion for 2023-24. We are the first University to make the list, chosen from across society as leaders in driving forward Ireland’s progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn More
  • University of Galway awarded a Gold (STARS) rating by (AASHE).
  • Named a top performer in the 2022 AASHE Sustainable Campus Index.
  • Fifth in the world in the Times Higher Education Societal Impact Ranking for SDG 12—Responsible Consumption and Production.
  • University of Galway has sustainability as core value and a clear sustainability strategy; University of Galway 2022 Sustainability Report.

Pathway Options

  • Students have the option to pursue an internship opportunity incorporating an Applied Management Report. The internship gives students an edge in the job market on completion of their programme. Most of our students are offered graduate roles by their internship organisation on completion of their course.
  • The internship for students completing an MSc Management and Sustainability can be in any area of business that contains an element of exposure to management and sustainability.
  • The internships are typically suited to students with limited professional experience.
  • Students will be supported by a Placement Officer andstudents may also self-source their own internship (subject to the approval of the Placement Office).
  • We will source as many internship opportunities as possible, but internships are usually not available for all students and are competitive. It is at the discretion of employers whether they shortlist and offer a position to applicants.

The Consultancy Pathway:
The students undertaking this pathway will complete optional modules over the second semester. Students will choose from specialist modules in. social marketing, project management, negotations and aspects of sustainability-related policy such as agriculture and marine, renewable energy, green finance.

In the Consultancy Project module, students, as a team, with some individual assessment elements, will have the opportunity to investigate and diagnose ‘live’ business, sustainability and management issues, to review and integrate best practice and academic literature, to further explore the issues, to collect and analyse relevant research data, derive logical conclusions and make recommendations forimplentation plans.

Who’s Suited to This Course

Learning Outcomes

On graduation, you will be able to:

  1. Solve business, policy and societal problems within a global context.
  2. Make a positive societal impact through critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration.
  3. Demonstrate critical awareness and practical application of evidence-based, analytical and evaluative thinking in management and sustainability.
  4. Lead and work effectively with others to implement sustainability in organizations.
  5. Apply knowledge, understanding and competency in a broad range of sustainability-focused management and business situations

Transferable Skills Employers Value

Work Placement

Study Abroad

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€11,140 p.a. (including levy) 2024/25

Fees: Tuition

€11,000 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Student levy

€140 p.a. 2024/25

Fees: Non EU

€20,000 p.a. (€20,140 including levy) 2024/25

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Dr. Rachel Hilliard,
Programme Director.

Programme Administrator.

Sustainable Development Goals Champion

University of Galway has been named the number one university in Ireland for sustainable development for a second year in a row, and we are also ranked 34th in the world by Times Higher Education THE Impact Rankings 2023.

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