CreateHER supports female undergraduate students to become innovators and leaders

Mar 08 2023 Posted: 11:46 GMT

University of Galway CreateHER is an inspiring programme that supports female undergraduate students to become innovators and leaders in their professional and person lives through training, mentorship and networking. Our mission is accomplished through connecting our CreatHER’s to trusted mentors, entrepreneurs and innovators, resources and training in a safe and supportive environment.

Our inaugural CreateHER programme launched in January 2023 and for every place available we had 5 applicants. Our selected 13 participants took part in our 6 week programme which included weekly roundtables on topics including personal brand and voice, goal setting, imposter syndrome, entrepreneurship and design thinking. Our programme is supported by an incredible advisory board which includes Dr Natalie Walsh and Jenny Mullery from IdeasLab as well as:

· Anna Hosty and Carol Joyce (Co-owners of Yourells Hair Group and the Hair Vitamin Company)

· Professor Ellen Roche, Associate Professor, MIT

· Dr Helen McBreen, Atlantic Bridge

· Dr Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight Oral Care

· Karen Gilhooly, University of Galway Student

· Lisa Regan, LRPR

· Elaine Mannion, Abbey Theatre

· Professor Patrick Lonergan, University of Galway

A hallmark of the programme is how we support our CreateHERs to build their future networks and always create and actively seek out opportunities. In March 2023 we held an offsite day in Dublin with our CreateHER’s and were hosted by Dr Helen Breen and Dr Eimear Gleeson for a roundtable at Atlantic Bridge, this was followed by a voice and presence workshop hosted at the Abbey Theatre by Elaine Mannion and Andrea Ainsworth, and we closed our day with a roundtable discuss on all things female entrepreneurship which was hosted by Paula Fitzsimons (National Director- Going for Growth, Acorns, Inspiring Women, Back For Business and National Co-ordinator for Global Entrepreneurship Monitor- Ireland).

Our CreateHER’s graduated on International Women's Day with a showcase event hosted in the Druid Theatre by Lisa Regan with a Keynote by former Artistic Director of Macnas, Noeline Kavanagh and a panel discussion with Dr Natalie Walsh, Dr Vanessa Creaven and Mary Ryan (WestBIC).

We will launch our 2023/2024 call for applications early in September 2023.

CreateHER is funded by the Higher Education Authority and the European Institute for Technology.

Find out more about CreateHER on IdeasLab website