Personalised Student Pathways

Pillar one of Designing Futures works with students to design their future through the creation of a personalised skills pathway. 

This will be achieved by:

Student Success Coaching

Creating personalised skills pathways with the support of Student Success Coaches across the Colleges of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Students, Science and Engineering and Business, Public Policy and Law using Stanford’s Designing For Life methodology.

Transdisciplinary Modules

Creating transdisciplinary elective modules that enhance students’ professional skills, designed by experts from across the university and with input from our enterprise partners. Examples of modules developed with the Designing Futures approach in mind include Design Your Life, Design Thinking, Navigating the Digital World, Technological Revolutions: From Steam to Green, Empathy in Action, Communicating through Storytelling, Introduction to Sustainability and Megatrends.

Vertically Integrated Projects

As part of the personalised student pathway an exciting new type of module called ‘Vertically Integrated Projects’ or VIPs has been created.  Through VIPs, students work in teams with faculty on multidisciplinary, longitudinal research projects to address grand challenges. Students earn credits and can participate in multiple semesters, with returning students taking on additional leadership/project responsibilities.  "Vertically Integrated" refers to VIP team compositions, which can include undergraduate, postgraduate (taught) and research students in addition to University staff. University of Galway is become a member of the VIP Consortium led by Georgia Institute of Technology.