Design Your Future Programme with Student Success Coaches

Participants of the first Design Your Future programme with Student Coaching Manager, Majella Perry
Mar 01 2024 Posted: 11:46 GMT

Over 4 weeks in February, 10 students took part in the first ‘Design Your Future’ Programme, run by Student Success Coaches at University of Galway. The programme, based on Stanford University’s Design Your Life programme, offers life design processes, mind-sets and tools helping students navigate their life, both in university and beyond. Working collaboratively, participants learn about their natural strengths, how to balance and map their energy, Odyssey Planning – imagining three different future lives as well as tools for goal setting. As part of the programme, students engage in 1:1 coaching and on completion, earn a digital badge, recognising the skills gained.

This first Design Your Future programme brought together undergraduate and post graduate students from different fields of study from the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Business, Public Policy and Law.

One programme participant said, "I enjoyed the introspective activities and exercises in the programme. Having charts and tools to clearly write out what is in my head was helpful. The group interactions helped me see things from another perspective and got me out of my head".

Find out more about Student Success Coaching and the Design Your Future programme here .

Designing Futures