Designing Futures Launch Lunchtime Series for University Staff

Mar 08 2023 Posted: 12:10 GMT

Designing Futures launched a lunchtime series for all university staff over March 2023. 

University staff were invited to attend the lunchtime series to learn more about Student Success Coaching, Transdisciplinary Modules, Vertically Integrated Projects and IdeasLab.

In particular these sessions focused on the student perspective of each of our programmes as well as how we work with and co-design programmes with our enterprise partners.

On the 6th of March our Student Success Coaches introduced coaching and explained it's many benefits for students. Student Success Coach Student Ambassadors, Chloe and Meret, spoke about their experience of the 'Design Your Life' module and why they engaged with Student Success Coaching. 

Transdisciplinary Research lecturer Dr Oonagh Meade then spoke about the many benefits students receive from being involved in the VIP programme and Dr Sinéad King presented on the benefits she experienced as a VIP Principal Investigator this semester.

Watch the VIP and Student Success Coaching session HERE

At the 7th of March the series focussed on the Student Perspective of Transdisciplinary Modules. Dr David Doolin, lecturer in Transdisciplinary Learning spoke about the new Transdisciplinary Modules that will begin in September 2023 and the benefits to students in partaking. Ryan Bradley, a student who partook in transdisciplinary modules; Introduction to Sustainability, Megatrends and the Global Engagement Module then shared his insights on the programme. 

Watch the Transdisciplinary Modules session HERE

IdeasLab will host their session, 'Anatomy of an Enterprise Challenge' in IdeasLab on the 23rd March 1-2pm. This will be an in person event that will give university staff the opportunity to see how we co-design, co-deliver and evaluate innovation programmes with enterprise partners. 

Register to attend IdeasLab 'Anatomy of an Enterprise Challenge' now

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