IdeasLab Launches Start100 2023

Mar 29 2023 Posted: 10:54 IST

University of Galway IdeasLab is excited to announce their Start100 2023 student teams.

Start100 is University of Galway's student incubator, run by IdeasLab. 

Throughout the programme 11 Start100 teams will have the chance to hone their business model and connect into a vibrant start up ecosystem. Start100 will link students with a fantastic bank of University of Galway alumni, mentors, and speakers to inspire, advise and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

This programme also connects students into a thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs across Ireland. 

This year IdeasLab have an exciting and varied group of student entrepreneurs, with ideas they cannot wait to explore and develop - from an app designed to improve your rowing capabilities to beauty and skincare products - it will be a innovative and fun journey for all student teams. 

Meet the 11 Start100 student teams and find out more about their ideas and how they came to be part of the Start100 programme on IdeasLab LinkedIn.  

Find out more about the Start100 student incubator