Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship for 2024

Apr 10 2024 Posted: 11:04 IST

University of Galway and the Liffey Trust are delighted to announce first year Business Information Systems student Elizabeth Busari as the recipient of the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship for 2024.

Established in 2022 and funded through the philanthropic support of the Liffey Trust, the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurial Scholarship supports students who are committed to developing their innovative and entrepreneurial potential through their university journey.  The scholarship is supported by IdeasLab the University of Galway Entrepreneurial Education and Training unit.

The technology that Elizabeth's is working on is called 'UNdump': an innovative app designed to revolutionize the way we deal with unwanted items by teaching users a multitude of ways to upcycle. With a clear goal to make the world cleaner with every 'UNdump', Elizabeth envisions a future where, instead of disposing of items, people will turn to UNdump for sustainable alternatives. Her project resonates deeply with the Universities value of sustainability, and it recently being recognised as a national SDG Champion.  

"Elizabeth's UNdump project exemplifies the kind of visionary thinking and practical action we encourage in our students. Her work not only aligns with our values but also paves the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We are proud to support Elizabeth and all our students who are committed to making a significant positive impact on the world." - Dr. Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development, University of Galway.

Aidan Corless, Chairman of The Liffey Trust, praised Elizabeth for her innovative approach and the potential of UNdump to contribute positively to the environment and society. "Elizabeth's business idea is wonderful on so many levels.  It starts by getting us to rethink about dumping things, asking us if there is life left in it, can someone else benefit from it, can it be reworked, will someone pay money for it. We are all conscious of reduce, reuse and recycle so clearly this Undump app helps us do this.  It was great to listen to Elizabeth and understand her passion to solve a problem, and create something different. She ticks all the boxes as a future entrepreneur. I was delighted to witness the huge work that the University of Galway put into training and encouraging students to become Entrepreneurs. It really is commendable and congratulations to Dr Natalie Walsh and everyone involved in Ideaslab. The Liffey Trust is proud to be part of this important project and delighted that Elizabeth is our third scholar after Chloe Gardiner 2023 and Alan Donnelly 2022.."

The Liffey Trust, established over 30 years ago, continues to support entrepreneurs in starting and growing new businesses. The University of Galway scholarship, named after Liffey Trust founder Séamus McDermott, honours his significant contributions to entrepreneurship in Ireland.  The next call for applicants will begin in October 2024 and will be open to all 1st year students who have undertaken entrepreneurial and innovation activities prior to starting in the University of Galway in September 2024. The Scholarship is valued at up to €9,000 for the duration of their studies


For more information on the scholarship, interested parties are encouraged to contact ideaslab@universityofgalway.ie.



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