Staff of Drama and Theatre Studies at University of Galway

Students at the O’Donoghue Centre are taught by expert members of staff who specialise in multiple areas of expertise such as performance practice; theatre history; modern and contemporary Irish performance; and more. Click on staff names to learn more about their work and research.

Academic Staff

Dr Charlotte McIvor
Head of Discipline
Drama and Theatre Studies

Dr Miriam Haughton 
Lecturer Above The Bar
Drama and Theatre Studies

Professor Patrick Lonergan
Professor of Drama and Theatre Studies

Dr Ian R. Walsh (currently on sabbatical 2022/2023)
Lecturer Above The Bar
Drama and Theatre Studies

Marianne Ní Chinnéide
Theatre Manager


Part-Time Drama Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Several Part-Time teaching staff also contribute to Drama modules, some as part of their own PhD training. 

Max Hafler
Drama Teacher
O’Donoghue Centre


Technical Staff

Mike O'Halloran,
Technical Manager, Drama  and Theatre Studies
Lecturer, Drama and Theatre Studies, 
NUI Galway, 
University Road,

Administrative Staff

Claire McGuinness (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings)

Administrative Assistant

Teresa O'Donovan (Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday afternoons)



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