UniSAFE Project

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University of Galway is participating in the UniSAFE project.

UniSAFE is an EU-funded project that aims to support higher education, research organisations and policymakers in eradicating gender-based violence in the European academic and research area. UniSAFE will produce in-depth knowledge on gender-based violence in research performing organisations, by analysing its social determinants, antecedents, and consequences on national, organisational, and individual levels. The research will result in policy recommendations, operational tools, and trainings.

Between January and May 2022, UniSAFE coordinated the implementation of a survey among 46 participating universities and research organisations in 15 countries in Europe to collect measurable evidence on the prevalence of gender-based violence in academia and research. With over 42,000 responses from staff and students, the survey is the largest conducted so far in the European Research Area.

The survey findings were published in November 2022 - you can find the main findings here