What is the NUI Galway LGBT+ Ally Programme?

LGBT Ally Programme symbol

The LGBT+ Ally Programme at University of Galway is a member based initiative working towards increasing the knowledge, awareness, and support of LGBT+ colleagues and students. In partnership with individuals and Schools/Units within University of Galway and in the wider community, the LGBT+ Ally Programme aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for staff and students of all sexual identities and genders at University of Galway and to advocate for a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The LGBT+ Ally Programme initiative is led by the Office of the Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at University of Galway. The LGBT+ Ally Programme is open to all University of Galway staff members who support its vision and mission.



How to Become an Ally

To join the University of Galway LGBT+ Ally Programme we ask that you first view the online introductory video above which explains the development of the programme and highlights what you are signing up for as an Ally. Once you have viewed the video, we suggest reviewing the Resources provided below and becoming familiar with the policies and procedures that help make University of Galway an inclusive environment.

If you want to become a visible, supportive Ally of your LGBT+ colleagues and students, simply complete the online registration form:

Ally Registration Form

Once your registration form is processed, you will be sent an Ally Information Pack with resources and visible symbols of your allyship and your name will be added to the available list of Allies. You will also be informed about any upcoming LGBT+ events or training opportunities. 

We look forward to hearing from you and building the LGBT+ Ally Programme at University of Galway.



Learn more about the programme and available resources on/off campus:

LGBT+ Ally Programme Booklet* (*updated brochure coming soon)

Learn more about what you can do as a manager/supervisor in developing an inclusive environment:

Manager's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion

Learn how to respond to questions or opposition to the Ally Programme:

 Ally Programme Question or Opposition Resource

Become a visible Ally by using your Ally symbol*:

Ally Programme Wordmark

 *Contact the OVPEDI for additional promotional items (stickers, lanyards) and a range of wordmark file types

Who is a University of Galway Ally?

Current list of Staff members registered with the LGBT+ Ally Programme by Unit and School:

LGBT+ Allies at University of Galway