While the University has made major strides to embed equality, diversity and inclusion across the institution, it is widely acknowledged that we need to sharpen our focus on race equality. With funding from the Higher Education Authority Performance Fund, our University had the capacity to establish the post of EDI Programme Manager for Race Equality to oversee the development of a multifaceted Race Equality Framework & Action Plan 2023-2027

Race Equality Framework & Action Plan 2023-2027 2023 – 2027 and its programme of work will guide us on our journey towards advancing race equality while cultivating a more equitable and inclusive university. In particular, it articulates our commitment and plans to enable an environment where different outlooks and experiences are visibly and openly valued. In doing so, it further acknowledges that race equality is central to the pursuit of respect, openness, sustainability and excellence which are explicit values of our university.

Shaped by insights from our university community and external community partners, while building on the University Strategy 2020-2025 and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-2025, this work is committed to advancing race equality and providing a welcoming inclusive environment where everyone has a sense of belonging and can thrive.