In conjunction with the School of Business and Economics, the Health Economics and Policy Analsyis Centre (HEPAC) provide teaching and training in Health Economics for a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programmes. 


Students at the University of Galway may choose to study Health Economics for an undergraduate Arts or Commerce degree or alternatively for a Higher Diploma in Economics degree. A specialised module in Health Economics is offered in the final year of all three programmes which provides a comprehensive introduction to the discipline and covers a broad range of topics.

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The MSc in Health Economics degree at the University of Galway is a specialised programme providing critical insight into the complex economic issues that exist in health systems and into the economic impact of decisions within this domain. In particular, the programme is designed to:

  • Develop a thorough knowledge and applied competence in the fundamentals of health economics including health technology assessment;
  • Develop an ability to critically appraise alternative systems of health care finance and delivery in terms of equity, efficiency and sustainability;
  • Expose the student to policy debates regarding access to care including new and expensive technologies.
  • Develop the theoretical and practical tools to evaluate health technologies and interventions in terms of their clinical and cost effectiveness. 

In addition to studying the core theoretical and practical modules of the programme students have the opportunity to spend three months working with an appropriate health-related agency in the public, private or voluntary sector. The internship allows the student to gain direct experience of the practical application of health economic techniques in various settings. Students complete a minor dissertation during this internship. The research topic is usually linked to the research interests of a departmental supervisor and the work of the placement organisation.

The programme is available on a one year full time or a two year part time basis.

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The Discipline of Economics at the University of Galway offers a structured PhD programme and Health Economics is formally identified as a key research priority area within this programme. The PhD research degree provides an opportunity to undertake sustained supervised research leading to a doctoral thesis. A growing number of PhDs in Health Economics are being undertaken by students under the supervision of members of the Health Economics and Policy Analysis Centre and it is the aim of the group to expand these numbers into the future.

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Executive education

The Health Economics and Policy Analysis Centre provide executive education programmes for a variety of academic and commerical audiences. These programmes are designed as 1 or 3 day specialist courses, are delivered in a flexible manner, and cover a range of subjects including Economic Evaluation, Health Technology Assessment or Applied Health Econometrics. Short courses in Economic Evaluation and Heath Technology Assessment provide a comprehensive introduction to all key issues in the conduct of these techniques. These courses may be designed for those with little or no prior knowledge of the field or for those requiring a foundation for more advanced study and application of the techniques. These courses also provide a discussion of the official requirements of decision makers in relation to the conduct of health technology assessment in Ireland. Short courses in Applied Health Econometrics include advanced lectures and practical work in the conduct of econometric analyses of issues in health and health care.

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