Imagine NUI Galway: schedule of discussions

Thursday, 28 March

11am-11.30am: Introduction from President Ó hÓgartaigh

11.30am-12pm: Building a Strategy on Shared Values

12pm-1.30pm: Respectful NUI Galway

How do we make sure our people feel valued and respected and that we belong to a shared mission?

Parallel sessions:

  • Valuing our people         
  • Encouraging collaboration           
  • A culture of respect

1.30pm-3pm: Expert NUI Galway

How do we ensure that our teaching, research and professional services maintain the highest standards?

Parallel sessions:

  • Our strategy for research            
  • Teaching for the future
  • Professional development

3pm-4.30pm: Accessible NUI Galway

How can we make sure that we are an inclusive and accessible place to study, work and collaborate?

Parallel sessions:

  • An open University        
  • Showing and sharing our impact
  • Diverse student needs

4.30pm-6.30pm: Distinctive NUI Galway

How will we draw on the distinctive characteristics of our city and region to set our University apart?

Parallel sessions:

  • Our distinctive location
  • Our distinctive language and culture      
  • Our distinctive student experience

6.30pm-8pm: Sustainable NUI Galway

How do we ensure our University acts sustainably, and can continue its mission in a changing world?

Parallel sessions:

  • Managing our University sustainably      
  • Becoming future-proof
  • Evolving our offering

8pm-12am: Continuing the Conversation

The Students' Union will take the reins during this late night session, to continue the conversation with students, staff, alumni and friends around the world.