The ISEG Conference Series are held once every three years.

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The ISEG (International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry) conference series started in the late 1980s. The initial local symposium on environmental geochemistry was held in Kuopio, Finland in 1985. This was a Scandinavian geochemistry meeting which was a small one. However, at that time, it was realised that an international meeting had to be planned. 

After that, the first truly international ISEG symposium was held in Uppsala, Sweden in 1991. From the beginning a core group of three geochemical scientists provided leadership to these symposia: Iain Thornton, Ron Fuge and Olle Selinus. It was decided that the ISEG symposia would be held every 3 years resulting in meetings on almost every continent since 1991.

It was the idea of Olle Selinus to name the ISEG conference in Uppsala as the 2nd ISEG conference, making it a  mystery about the the 1st ISEG conference. In this case, the conference in Finland was regarded as the 1st ISEG Conference.

ISEG 2016 was held Galway, Ireland in combination with ISEH 2016 and Geoinformatics 2016 as a joint conference. During ISEG 2016, the ISEG International Board ( was established on Aug. 15, 2016, containing internationally leading experts in the field of Environmental Geochemistry. The board members were tasked to help to promote ISEG conference series.

The ISEG conference series are supported by four international societies:

ISEG conference series:

  • 2019, the 11th ISEG, Beijing, China
  • 2016, the 10th ISEG, Galway, Ireland
  • 2012, the 9th ISEG, Aveiro, Portugal
  • 2009, the 8th ISEG, Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • 2006, the 7th ISEG, Beijing, China
  • 2003, the 6th ISEG, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2000, the 5th ISEG, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 1997, the 4th ISEG, Vail, Colorado, USA
  • 1994, the 3rd ISEG, Krakow, Poland
  • 1991, the 2nd ISEG, Uppsala, Sweden
  • 1985, the 1st ISEG, Kuopio, Finland

The 12th ISEG will be held as Joint Conference of ISEH, ICEPHJ and ISEG in Galway