Testimonials from MBA Graduates


Shane O'Neill |   Chief Executive Officer at Atlantic Aviation Group

The MBA was a brilliant experience on several fronts including the learnings and the relationships that were built. To this day I still use material from the MBA to help work through business challenges and I remain close to the MBA class. I've been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working with some of them in our business. It has been fantastic for us to put our combined experiences and learnings from the MBA to use to help Atlantic Aviation Group grow over the last number of years. For anyone thinking of progressing their career I'd highly recommend the University of Galway MBA as a key stepping stone on that journey.

Siobhain Quaid |   Senior Manager Viatris

I always had a keen interest in business and an MBA seemed like the right fit both personally and professionally. University of Galway appealed to me because they had an executive programme, with a cohort consisting of people with a number of years of professional experience. At the open evening, I met with current and alumni students and faculty members, It presented a raw, first-hand understanding of the undertaking of an MBA – it was by no means pitched as an easy undertaking, but rather one that requires a significant personal commitment.

John O'Shea |   Director of Operations - Meissner

University of Galway MBA offered me networking possibilities nationally and specifically in the west of Ireland. Also, for the block release and blended learning approach enabled me to step out of my day job for a short period each month, and focus on the learnings for those days I had dedicated to the MBA. The investment in the MBA paid off immediately. In the middle of the MBA programme, I was successful in becoming director of operations for the Californian based pharmaceutical filtration company Meissner, which was setting up its first European manufacturing facility in Castlebar, Co Mayo. I can 100 per cent say this opportunity would not have materialised without the recognition of the value of an MBA, and most importantly the learnings and friendships gained from my classmates during the MBA programme."

Emma Corcoran |   Global Extrusion Lead at TE Connectivity

My biggest learning was that it really is the power of diversity. Why are you doing an MBA? You’re doing an MBA to progress to the next level, and either be director or CEO etc. I think it’s really important that when you’re selecting teams, when you’re looking for people to work with, go for that diversity, go for different views, go for people who have the absolute opposite views to you, where they’re really going to challenge what you have so you end up getting the best out of it.

Justin Martin |   Head of Enforcement | Vehicle Standards & Enforcement, RSA

Undertaking the MBA has definitely broadened my skillset and specifically afforded me with an opportunity to hone my strategic thinking, financial management and risk appraisal abilities. Four months after completing my studies I was promoted at work and now have responsibility for a large team. I am more confident when dealing with unpredictable situations and I believe the MBA has given me the skillset to do so with confidence.

Bernie Mcmanamon |   Account Director, CBRE GWS Ireland

In less than a year of completing the MBA, I was recruited by CBRE for an EMEA Account Director role. This is a key senior leadership position within their market leading Global Workplace Solutions Division where I lead the operational delivery of an Integrated Facilities Management solution for one of CBRE’s high value global Pharmaceutical clients.

Ciaran McGovern |   Managing Director - Tobin Engineering

I can absolutely say that the MBA brought, and continues to bring a perspective to my thinking that would otherwise not be there today. Completing the MBA was certainly hard work, but ultimately very fulfilling and personally rewarding. It continues to be the gold standard for anyone looking to move into a management role or change in career orientation.

Ross Doherty |   Director Of Portfolio & Ecosystem, Normative.io

Completing the MBA gave me the business and leadership acumen and credentials needed to open doors within my organization and externally, allowing me to credibly apply for roles and take responsibilities that previously were out of my reach; and am now gearing up for a major vertical move within my company

Ciara Greaney |   Group Operations Director at CMS Distribution

I was a financial controller in a US multinational when I started the MBA. As I had a finance-focused role, I wanted to use the MBA to expand my strategic knowledge, which would allow me to understand the business outside the functional boundaries of finance. The structure of the programme made it very easy to apply the learnings to my day job immediately, and really opened up new opportunities for growth within my role.

Mike Maguire |   Director, TreeTopHill Developments

Completing the MBA was really a good decision. Inspiring and interesting modules allowed me to integrate learnings immediately into my worklife as indeed my personal life. The MBA has facilitated a change in thinking around the most important aspects of business and enlightened me to innovative modern thinking around Business Strategy and Global Sustainability. I would strongly recommend the University of Galway MBA for anyone seeking to broaden their mindset

Kay Ryan |   Financial Controller, Cambus Medical

The MBA has been both an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. It has helped me expand my professional network and I really benefited from meeting likeminded colleagues. The skillset gained has helped me expand my current role to other business areas outside of finance. The highlight for me was the trip to Fordham University in New York.

Mike Parkinson |   Operational Excellence Lead, Transitions Optical Asia

Most organisations see it as an advantage. The knowledge you build as part of the learning process not only influences others and makes you more effective, but it also gives you more confidence and helps set yourself apart from the crowd.”

Clare McCann |   Management Analyst, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

As an international student at University of Galway, the MBA programme provided me with a broader perspective and appreciation for diverse viewpoints. The two year programme is comprised of modules that will challenge you inside and outside of the classroom, yet the takeaways are both rewarding and character building. I am confident that I now have the business tools, leadership abilities and emotional intelligence to progress my career in Ireland and abroad.

Klaus Gottsche |   EMEA Customer Success Manager at MathWorks

The University of Galway MBA is an energetic, diverse and incredibly broad program that can act as a catalyst for considerable positive change in an individual and in their professional and private lives. Above all, it imbues graduates with the ability to conduct business at all levels of an organisation, anywhere in the world and blends the classic functional, analytical and ethical MBA modules with innovative, bespoke subjects (such as Team Empowerment and Storytelling for Leaders) and a healthy West-of-Ireland supportive and empathetic environment coupled with high levels of respect for the individual. The program contains very valuable learning material, excellent networking opportunities, lively in-class debate and viewpoints and content that have fundamentally changed my opinions on many topics.

Sean Coffey |   HR and IT Director - Coffey Group

If you want to take your ambition to a more professional level, the MBA at University of Galway is the place to do it.

Eileen Sweeney |   Marketing Manager, Americas with Aerogen, Chicago, USA

I continue to use my MBA as a reference point when developing and executing company strategy. For me the MBA acted as a springboard for my career. It consolidated my work experience into a recognizable entity.

Ruth Kiely |   Physiotherapist

I started my own physiotherapy business in 2004, and as the business developed I realized I needed to develop skills that were not part of my professional training in particular in the areas of management, marketing and IT. I chose the Executive MBA because it offered the full range of disciplines that I needed. With the knowledge gained I have been able to install a software system which allows us to manage all aspects of our business more effectively and efficiently thus giving us a competitive advantage. Highlights from the EMBA programme include the International Study Trip to Fordham University, USA as well as participating and completing the Inter Disciplinary Company Project in the second year. Both are very unique experiences that are offered by this EMBA which has allowed for consolidation of knowledge and skills as well as highlighting possible opportunities for the future

Tony McCarthy |   Supply Chain Director, Medtronic

I selected the University of Galway MBA program because it offered me the opportunity to continue with my career and embark on my MBA education at the same time. This provided me the opportunity to apply the learning in my organization almost simultaneously. The program also offers access to a network of MBA students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders both local and international. Overall it has been a very positive experience.

Angela Onwukwe |   CEO, Nuvie Consulting

The University of Galway was a holistic transformative experience in my personal and career growth. I acquired a lot of leadership skills in the last two years through learning to solve real life problems for organisations. The program was properly structured to increase self-awareness, improve self-confidence, enable and encourage an environment of togetherness and a “collective win” spirit from the start. This approach created a relaxed atmosphere which made it easy for us to network, build relationships, interact freely and learn from each other’s experience. There were several highlights of the program which includes our leadership sessions, business consulting project, our class trip to New York and mentorship. I have learned lifelong skills which has ignited thoughts of a new career path in Business Consulting.