Work Based Learning

Practice Education at NUI Galway

Practice Education is a process of work-based learning which involves a partnership between the University Practice Education Co-ordinator, and if appropriate the regional placement facilitator/practice tutor and work based Practice Educator and the student in a practice context.

Overall requirements

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Revised Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists (2016) and CORU Occupational Therapist Registration Board; Criteria for Education and Training Programs (2017) stipulate that all students are required to complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of Practice Education and demonstrate competence under the supervision of a qualified and nationally registered occupational therapist with at least one-year clinical experience.

Students must complete a minimum of 250 hours within a mental health and/or psychosocial setting and a minimum of 250 hours within a physical/ sensory disability practice setting (CORU 2017).

According to the WFOT “Practice education is for students to integrate knowledge, professional reasoning, and professional behaviour within practice and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the level of competence required of qualifying occupational therapists” (W.F.O.T., 2016, p.48). he overall aim of Practice Education therefore is to integrate academic study with competency development and can be defined as the process of assisting students in the acquisition of competence to graduate required to fulfil the Minimum Standards set by universities, CORU and the professional accreditation body, AOTI on behalf of WFOT.

The overall aims of Practice Education at NUI Galway are:

  1. To achieve competence in practice as an occupational therapist again the OTRB CORU standards of proficiency (2017)
  2. To apply of the principles of the person, environment, occupation, and participation in occupation using best evidence when working collaboratively with service users to promote their health and well- being
  3. To think, reason and problem solve within the scope of occupational therapy practice and relevant to practice contexts
  4. To complete all aspects of the occupational therapy process to practice standard
  5. To adhere to published standards of professional and ethical codes of conduct
  6. To adhere to legislation, policies and procedures that are relevant to occupational therapy practice
  7. To work in partnership with service users, carers, groups, or communities in practice
  8. To advocate for the value of occupation with service users, carers, groups, or communities
  9. To establish and evaluate therapeutic and professional relationships and work collaboratively within teams, organisations, service, or community networks 
  10. To be a reflective and critical practitioner.
  11. To ensure the safety and welfare of service users, staff and all participants in the work setting
  12. To communicate appropriately to staff, service users and others to professional standard

Hour Requirements

During the course, students undertake 1,000 hours of practice education (i.e. clinical practice under the supervision of an experienced Occupational Therapist).  At present, this takes place in four eight week blocks (one in  in Semester 2 of Year 2, one in Semester 2 of Year 3 and the other two in Semester 1 of Year 4).


Students may be asked to undertake placements anywhere in Ireland.

Practice Educators Resources 2020-2021

Guidance on the Application of CORU Standards of Proficiency

Standards of Proficiency Presentations

 Forms for Educators 2020-2021
Form 3 Tuberculosis Student Self Report 2021
Form 6A Practice Educator Agreement for 1st year Placement 2021
Form 6B Practice Educator Agreement for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Placement 2021
Form 10 Site Profile 2021
Form 13 Orientation Checklist 2021
Form 17 Learning Contract Template 2021
Form 19 Student Record of Study Hours 2021
Form 22B joint supervision Record Form for Half Way University Visit 2021
Form 27A concerns Identified Form 2021
Form 27B Underperforming Student Management Plan
Form 38B Observation Placement Practice Educator Feedback 2021
Form 38C 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Placements Practice Educator Feedback 2021

Please Note:  These forms can be completed electronically using Microsoft Word.  To do this, please save the file to a location on your computer first before filling in the form fields.  To move between form fields, please use the Tab key.  

For further information on Practice Education at NUI Galway, please contact  Ms. Carol Hills on (091) 495294.