These documents have been prepared by the Association of Anaesthetics of Great Britain and Ireland for use of member of the public. You can directly access the documents by clicking on their title.

Your Anaesthetic 

This leaflet is for adults who are expecting to have an anaesthetic. It offers some information about anaesthesia and suggests how and where you can find out more.  

You and Your Anaesthetic 
This leaflet gives basic information to help you prepare for your anaesthetic. It has been written by patients, patient representatives and anaesthetists, working in partnership.  

Your Child's Anaesthetic 
This leaflet explains what to expect when a child comes into hospital to have an operation or investigation under general anaesthesia.  

Anaesthesia for Aortic Surgery 
This booklet gives information about your anaesthetic for surgery on your aorta.  

Epidural Analgesia following Surgery 
This leaflet is for anyone who may benefit from an epidural for pain relief after surgery.  

Anaesthesia for Hip or Knee Replacement 
This booklet gives basic information about having an anaesthetic for knee or hip replacement surgery.  

Headache after Epidural or Spinal Anaesthetic 
This leaflet describes a special type of headache that can occur after having an epidural or spinal anaesthetic.  

Anaesthesia for Eye Surgery 
This is for anyone expecting to have an eye operation with a local anaesthetic.  

Your Spinal Anaesthetic 
This leaflet explains what to expect when you have an operation with a spinal anaesthetic.