Module code NU623 - January (PFC5)

Please note: The module is taught in Semester 2, starting in January

Module Description

Errors are inevitable in healthcare systems (Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance, 2008).  It is estimated that medical errors would rank 5 in the top 10 causes of death in the United States, ahead of accidents, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, if included on the National Centre for Health Statistics’ list (Joint Commission, 2005 p.7).  In Ireland, the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (2008) acknowledge that healthcare will never be risk free but argue that it is critical that the systems in place are as safe as possible, that the right ‘checks and balances’ are in place and that learning results from mistakes.  To ensure this happens it is important that programmes prepare nurses to promote and enhance clinical safety.  The module is guided by the National Patient Safety Framework (The Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2005) and the WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide for Medical Schools (World Health Organisation, 2009).

Module Content:
Module content will focus on five themes as follows:

Clinical Governance: concepts and principles, relationship to clinical safety, Irish and international policy, incorporating safety principles into practice.

Clinical Decision Making: effective decision making, understanding complex organisations, communication and flow of information in systems, showing leadership.

Assessing and Managing Risk: concept of risk, assessing and evaluating risks, balancing the management of risks and the rights of individuals.

Quality Improvement: quality improvement principles, steps and approaches, auditing.

Practice Application: cases will be used to explore the application of the principles already explored in the module in hospital and community settings.  Examples of potential cases include infection control and medication management.

How to Apply
For further details contact:

Mari Moran (Wednesday & Friday)
School of Nursing & Midwifery 
NUI Galway