Academic staff in School of Nursing and Midwifery

Tel: 091 49+ext Email:
Casey, Dr Dympna
Head of School
Established Professor
3652 dympna.casey
Avalos, Ms Gloria   gloria.avalos
Biesty, Dr Linda
Senior Lecturer
2998 linda.biesty
Bradley, Mr Stephen   stephen.bradley
Brennan, Dr Miriam
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
3651 miriam.brennan
Burke, Ms Eimear
Lecturer Above The Bar
5352 e.burke
Carr, Dr Peter
Senior Lecturer
2833 peter.carr
Costello, Ms Miriam   miriam.costello
Coohill, Ms Margaret   coohillm
Devane, Dr Declan
Professor in Health Research Methodology
5828 declan.devane
Dowling, Dr Maura
Senior Lecturer (on sabbatical until Jan 2023)
3833 maura.dowling
Fallon, Ms Anne
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
5601 anne.fallon
Farrelly, Ms Frances
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
2828 frances.farrelly
Fitzgerald, Deirdre   deirdre.fitzgerald
Gethin, Dr Georgina
Professor of Nursing
2018 georgina.gethin
Gill Meeley, Ms Nicola
Lecturer in Nursing
5036 nicola.gillmeeley
Glynn, Ms Lisa   lisa.l.glynn
Hahessy, Ms Sinéad
Lecturer Above The Bar
2012 sinead.hahessy
Healy, Dr Patricia
Lecturer Above The Bar
5421 patricia.healy
Horrigan Kelly, Dr Marcella
Lecturer (on leave)
Houghton, Dr Catherine
Senior Lecturer
5274 catherine.houghton
Hunter, Dr Andrew
Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
5823 andrew.hunter
Jordan, Dr Fionnuala
Lecturer Above The Bar
5274 fionnuala.jordan
Keegan, Ms Caroline
Lecturer Above The Bar
Kirwan, Dr Collette   collette.kirwan
McCarthy, Mr Bernard
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
3817 bernard.mccarthy
McDonagh, Ms Tracey
Lecturer Below The Bar
Meaney, Ms Teresa
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
2927 teresa.meaney
Mooney, Dr Brona
Lecturer Above The Bar
5395 brona.mooney
Murphy, Dr Louise
Lecturer Above The Bar
Ohaja, Dr Magdalena
Lecturer in Midwifery
5602 magdalena.ohaja
O'Hara, Ms Elaine
2075 elaine.e.ohara
O'Meara, Ms Ciara   comeara
O’Tuathail, Ms Claire
Lecturer Above The Bar
5314 claire.otuathail
Quinn, Mrs Claire
Lecturer Above The Bar
3580 claire.quinn
Sheehan, Ms Ann   ann.sheehan
Sezgin, Dr Duygu
Lecturer Above The Bar
3344 duygu.sezgin
Smyth, Anne   anne.smyth
Smyth, Dr Siobhán
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
2832 siobhan.smyth

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