Hill of Tara, Co. Meath

Tuesday, September 7th - Balance

Equanimity is a place where we are at one with ourselves, no matter what we face. Whether we are winning or losing, we can find a stillpoint within. This practice of mindfulness meditation leads us to this equanimity and balance. Our breath serves as an anchor to bring us back to present and open to this stillpoint.


Sunset over Lough Ree, Co Westmeath

Friday, September 2nd -  A listening presence

Being aware of what is received by our ears and taking the time to mindfully listen awakens presence. This can be nurtured over time to form a listening presence in our life.This meditation guides us to listen to sounds that we receive, notice and observe what is here. In this meditation we move to bring the same listening presence to our bodies, feeling the aliveness of our bodies, acknowledging, and accepting what is here. We close with bringing attention to our heart, listening in stillness.

Salthill, Galway

Monday, August 31st - Being present

When the mind is not engaged with the present moment there can be a tendency to get taken away by thoughts, some of which may have a more negative change. Our response to these thoughts can sometimes be one of stress. This meditation helps release these thoughts and their hold on us and come back to the present.