NUI Galway in partnership with the Open Scholarship Community Galway hosts the third Open Scholarship Week (#OSW2021) with the aim of showcasing the importance of research and education that is accessible to everyone. The event will take place online from 10–14 May 2021. #OSW2021 is free and everyone is welcome!
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Monday, 10 May 2021

First day of OSW2020! We will look at the transition to Open Science  with Prof. Frank Miedema, analyse how the pandemic impacted publishing and discuss with an international panel how Open will change the world. 

  • Monday, 10 May, 10.00-11.00: Opening keynote: The Transition to Open Science. With Professor Frank Miedema. View here.
  • Monday, 10 May, 12.00-13.00: The impact of Covid 19 on publishing: a global perspective and a view from Ireland. Talk with Rob Johnson and Jack Hyland. View here.
  • Monday, 10 May, 15.00-16.15: Panel discussion: How Open will change the world – but is the glass hall-full or half-empty? View here.


Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Tuesday will present research and research practices that have greatly benefited from the availability of Open Source Software and Open data. In the afternoon we have experts from the Netherlands providing an interactive workshop on FAIR data and how how to organise your data management and create high quality data publications. 

  • Tuesday, 11 May, 11.00-12.00: Enabling research with Open Software and Data. Two talks on Open SourceSoftware and Open data. View here.
  • Tuesday, 11 May,  15.00-16.00: FAIR and Open Data Workshop. Interactive session. View here.


Wednesday, 12 May 2021

On a packed day we will look at many aspects of Open Education. Catherine Cronin will open Wednesday with a session on how to use open educational resources and practices (OER and OEP) in Teaching and Learning, which will be followed by a workshop on reusing and producing OER with H5P. In the afternoon we will have an international panel discussing Access, Equity, and Pedagogy. We will close the day with a hands-on workshop on how to create OER with NUI Galway Open Press using Pressbooks. 

  • Wednesday, 12 May, 10.00-11.00: Using OER and OEP for Teaching & Learning. With Catherine Cronin. View here.
  • Wednesday, 12 May, 12.00-13.00: Creating, Reusing, and Remixing Open Educational Resources with H5P - Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning project team. View here.
  • Wednesday, 12 May, 14.00-15.00: Access, Equity, and Pedagogy: An International Conversation on Open Practice in Higher Education. Panel discussion. View here.
  • Wednesday, 12 May, 16.00-17.00: Let’s make some OER with Pressbooks: A hands-on session. Using NUI Galway Open Press for Open Access Books and Educational Resources Publishing. View here.


Thursday, 13 May 2021

We will kick off this exciting day with a look at Science on Screen which will look at film as a method of research dissemination and collaborative productionIn the afternoon we will look at how you can use Virtual Reality for outreach, and will close the day with two citizen science case studies that use open mapping to protect the environment. 

  • Thursday, 13 May, 11.00-12.00: Science on Screen – Film as a Method of Research Dissemination and Collaborative Production. An Overview & Panel Discussion. View here.
  • Thursday, 13 May, 14.00-15.00: VR-Mystery – A Virtual Reality journey from the past into the future! A demonstration of virtual Connemara and more. View Here.
  • Thursday, 13 May, 16.00-17.00: Protecting the natural environment - Citizen Science perspectives of open mapping. Two exciting case studies of Citizen Science. View Here.


Friday, 14 May 2021

Our final day will start with the first Irish Open Scholarship Prize where you can see lightning talks from postgraduate research students and early-career researchers from all over the world who were selected for this competition. I the afternoon a panel will look at the fast expanding network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities, a grassroots network to promote Open practices. Our final session will feature Professor Michel Dumontierco-founder of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data principles. 

  • Friday, 14 May, 10.00-11.30am: Open Scholarship Prize Competition. Watch the finalists! In association with Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology & Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software. View Here.
  • Friday, 14 May, 14.00-15.00Putting together the pieces: How can Communities support Open Scholarship? Panel discussion on Open Science and Open Scholarship Communities. View here.
  • Friday, 14 May, 15.00-16.00: Advancing open scholarship with semantic micro-contributions in the context of genuine semantic publishing. FAIR Data and more with Prof. Michel Dumontier. View here.