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Social Insurance Record Enquiries:  Ph: 1890 690 690 or  01-4715898

EU Pension - How to claim from another EEA Country:

Nov 2023 Social Welfare Presentation

May 2020 Social Welfare Presentation‌  : How to get a copy of your Social Insurance Contribution record: Slide 45 onwards MyGovID: Slide 39 onwards

Credited Contributions:

If you are unemployed and don’t qualify for a benefit payment you may sign-on for credited contributions (‘credits’) at your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare local office.

You must be available for, capable of, and genuinely seeking full-time work.

Credits are important as they help to preserve your social insurance contribution record (e.g. for State pension purposes).

You may also be eligible to pay Voluntary Contributions

Further information available :

Credited social insurance contributions (