Purchase to Pay (P2P)

P2P Purchase to Pay means having a seamless and paperless automated workflow process for ordering, purchasing, approving, paying, and storing supplier invoices.   In 2014, the University initiated a project to introduce P2P on a phased basis with its suppliers.  

The first step is to simplify and standardise our product ordering processes and to this end NUI Galway will in future be using a mixture of hosted and Supplier managed “punch out” catalogues for ordering. The Supplier will be required to either upload and manage a hosted catalogue to the marketplace or connect to the marketplace using a “punch out catalogue”. 

It is recognised that this will take some time and will involve the cooperation of our suppliers.  Suppliers must be able to provide their invoices to University of Galway in XML format or an acceptable alternative for conversion to XML (typically pdf or rtf).  Invoices will either be submitted directly or through a designated marketplace.  Suppliers must be willing to cooperate with University of Galway on future developments.

Accounts Payable are responsible for processing all invoices and arranging payments to suppliers.