Please note that it is University of Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first (or old) University of Galway student ID number.
You will therefore be required to register using your first/older University of Galway student number (please do not register using your new  application number). 
There are, unfortunately, implications for your student account if you register under the wrong number; you can read these here . 

Important Notice - 2024 HEA Student Data Collection

Please note that your data will be shared with the Higher Education Authority for funding allocation, statistical analysis and policy formulation purposes. The data shared include personal data such as name, address, Eircode, PPSN, grant status and CAO data. By registering as a student of University of Galway, you are agreeing to your data being shared with the Higher Education Authority. Full details of what data are shared and how these data are used are contained in the following link

If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data in this manner, or if you have any queries in relation to the processing of your personal data generally, please contact the HEA Data Protection Officer at

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Please click here to review our data protection policies and procedures