Welcome to the Soft Interfaces Simulation group, based in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, University of Galway.

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5/9/23    Viswanath attended the 33rd ESB meeting in Davos, where he presented his work on adsorption of fibronectin fragments onto synthetic surfaces
4/9/23    Welcome to Martin and Grainne, who started their final year projects in the group
18/8/23 New paper on the aggregation of an amyloidogenic peptide on gold surfaces published in Biomolecules
26/7/23    David gave invited talk on 'Effect of Surface Chemistry on Peptide Conformation and Aggregation' at the Peptide Self-Assembly 2023 conference at the University of Manchester
23/6/23 Viswanath's paper on adsorption of heperin-binding domains of fibronectin onto hydrophobic surfaces published in Biophysica
19/6/23    Welcome to Martin who joined the group on a School of Biological and Chemical Sciences summer internship
13/9/22 David attended the EMLG/JMLG joint meeting at the University of Barcelona, giving a talk on 'Protein Conformation on Solid-Liquid Interfaces'
23/6/22 Paper on conformation of pilus-derived peptides on surfaces, in collaboration with the group of Adrian Keller (Paderborn) accepted into Langmuir
31/5/22 Kieran and David's paper on conformation of Amyloid Beta(16-22) on metal surfaces published in Biophysica
11/4/22 David visited the group of Prof. Wuge Briscoe in the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol and gave a seminar on 'Proteins on Material Surfaces'
1/10/21 Welcome to Viswanath who started his PhD in the group
6/9/21 Welcome to Casey, Edel, and Emer who join the group for their final year projects
New paper on the conformation of amyloid beta at the air-water interface accepted into Biointerphases
Welcome to Matthew, Sean, and Lara who (virtually) join the group for their final year projects and work placements
Paper on peptide adsorption onto stripy surfaces accepted into Chemical Physics Letters
11/8/20 Paper on the conformation of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide on surfaces accepted into Biointerphases and selected as Featured Article
29/7/20    David gave a talk on 'Proteins at Interfaces - Perspectives from Molecular Simuation' to the online ECIS Supramolecular and Colloidal Chemistry and Physics for the Life Sciences summer school
Welcome to Matthew who (virtually) joined the group for the summer
10/3/20 Paper on Self-assembly of Porphyrin Nanostructures at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces (joint work with the Scanlan group at University of Limerick) accepted into Journal of Physical Chemistry
Kieran attended the PRACE E-CAM Tutorial in Simulation and Machine Learning in Dublin



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