Information for Current Student Ambassadors

When will I get paid?

Students are paid on the 3rd last working day of each month for all work completed in the previous month.

Income / SUSI

It is up to the students to ensure they are fully aware of how the income from the student ambassador programme will affect your SUSI payment, based on changes to your specific income threshold. You can learn more about this

How can I access my payslip?

You must be currently paid on timesheets to have access to your payslips on line. You will receive instructions on how to access payslips via email when you have been set up to receive payment through timesheets. Please ensure you download and save at least the last 6 months of your payslips before your employment ceases as you will lose access to your payslips.

Emergency Tax

If you do not have a P45 from a previous employer or a Form 12A is not applicable for you then please contact the Revenue on 1890 777 425 to arrange your tax credit certificate to be sent to University of Galway quoting the University of Galway registered employer number: 0022578J and your own personal public service (PPS) number.

Please remember to split your tax credits if you have other employment outside of working on the programme.

How do I obtain my P60?

Printed P60's are posted to the payslip addresses held on the Payroll system each February (please ensure you inform the payroll office if your postal address needs to be updated). If you have not received your P60 by the 15th of February you should contact the payroll office by emailing

How do I request my P45?

In order to request your P45 please fill out the attached form and email directly to