Fionn Moore |   General Arts Celtic Civilisation and Sociology and Politics

Working as a student ambassador for NUI Galway has been a great experience! All the different kinds of work help to keep things fresh, getting experience in a lot of different areas - I know now from the tours, for example, that that's a type of work I'd like to do more of in the future. Getting experience working with the public was a big draw for me, and the program definitely delivered on that front. The flexible hours are a blessing when your course keeps you too busy for another job but you're still in need of an income! Getting to work with other students is a great opportunity to meet new people and makes the work go quick. I'd recommend the program to anyone looking for a couple hours here and there and enjoys working with others, I really think every student should at least consider it!

Yvonne Oyedeji |   Corporate Law

I began working as a Student Ambassador (SA) when I was in second year. I first worked an Open Day and after that, I was hooked! The work is varied which keeps it interesting, from campus tours to sign in desks and setting up for events, it helped me develop lots of skills which I'm sure I will use in my future career. It's also great that you can fit the work in around your college schedule and make use of hours off in college to earn some extra cash! The work was always good fun because you were with other people. I met lots of great people while working in the role, both staff, students, the public and the odd celebrity too which I would have never met, had I not been an SA. For me, working as an SA is all about the people. I would encourage anyone that likes meeting new people, is friendly and helpful to apply for a role as an SA.

Victoria Osikoya |   Corporate Law

I began working as a student ambassador in my first year of college and have been working since (I am now in final year). I genuinely have never loved a job more. From the friendliness of the supervisors to the unity of the student ambassadors within the programme, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home at a job. I would highly recommend this programme as a student as it is a great opportunity to make lifelong friends and represent the college in unique ways that you wouldn’t be able to do in any other college job. The hours are extremely flexible and always are accommodated towards your timetable. You choose how many hours you would like to work and your availability. The tasks are not at all tedious and you have great fun doing them. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash and make friends while doing so. It’s also a great way to put yourself out there and communicate with current, prospective and alumni students. If you have any interest in making friends, helping people or representing your university I would highly encourage you to apply for the role of student ambassador!