The College Science and Engineering is committed to fostering an environment which actively promotes social and educational inclusion, embraces individuality, and celebrates the richness of our diverse community. The correct use of person’s name can deepen their sense of belonging.   
The CSE Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee are piloting the StartsWithAName initiative which is premised on respecting the correct use of people’s names supported by individuals putting the phonetic pronunciation of their name on their e-mail signature/name badge/Zoom name etc. The pilot is also included in NUI Galway’s Institutional Athena SWAN Action Plan.  
 The Start With A Name initiative provides a mechanism to:
·         assist people to pronounce your name correctly
·         correctly differentiate between name and surname


 Next Steps:

For a detailed explanation on how to add a phonetic pronunciation to your e-mail signature please follow the 3 steps below.

  1. Visit the StartsWithAName webpage on the CSE EDI site and watch the 2.5 minute video highlighting how staff use rhyme and phonetics to enable colleagues to better pronounce names and differentiate between first and surnames.
  2. Identify word phonetics for your name/parts of your name. A number of on line rhyming tools can help with this but please do not hesitate to contact if you need assistance.
  3. Use chosen rhymes or phonetics and add them into your email signature.  For information on adding an ‘e-mail signature’ click here.
Shekhar Ryan, PhD, CEng  
School Administrator/Professor of/Senior Technical Officer | Irish version 
School of | Scoil na  
College of | Coláiste na
Pronouns He, Him, His / She, Her / They, Them / Ze, Hir, Ze, Zim / Ze, Zir /  Ey, Em / Per, Per
First name: Shekhar pronounced “Say” - “khar” and rhymes with Baker #StartsWithAName 
rhymes with Baker #StartsWithAName