Shane Carty |   MApplSc Enterprise Systems

The diverse range of topics covered allowed me to focus on the areas that interested me, while also introducing me to exciting new areas that I had not previously encountered. The course helped me to develop the skills sought after by employers, with a focus on business processes, innovation, and technology, while also strengthening my analytical abilities and critical thinking. I really loved that my fellow students came from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds. This multidisciplinary approach was especially valuable during group assignments, as everyone was able to contribute their own specialist knowledge and skills, while at the same time learning from new perspectives.

Gráinne Griffin |   MSc Environmental Leadership

Leadership and the methods of communicating how global crises are dealt with is greatly tested in our world today. I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience that has provided me with the clarity of how to address climate and environmental changes. The MSc in Environmental Leadership has prepared me to progress into a career in the marine environment.

Dorottya Rab |   MSc Artificial Intelligence Online

The M.Sc. AI Online masters has been a challenging but very rewarding experience so far. I am impressed with the quality of the content and the engagement from the lecturers and my classmates. Through theoretical learning and hands-on assignments, I am developing skills that are hugely relevant in the tech industry today.

Eamon McAndrew |   MSc Biomedical Genomics

The short course format at the beginning of the MSc is a very effective style of teaching—it brings everyone up to a standard level of knowledge in the underlying biology and the ability to read and write code, while also establishing an intuitive understanding of the mathematics underpinning many of the methods used in the field of genomics. I would recommend this course to individuals interested in a career transition and to those wishing to develop skills to maximise employability in the long term.

Yashita Agarwal |   MSc Artificial Intelligence

NUI Galway allows cross-domain specialization by considering the relevant work experience of candidates, while also providing a world-class education. MSc in Artificial Intelligence covers all the important aspects of AI, right from basics in Python programming to building Neural Networks. This program has trained me on skills that are in high demand, both in the industry and research community. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a strong desire to learn about and work in the AI domain, even if they lack prior knowledge in the field.

Ian Dodd |   MApplSc Enterprise Systems

Graduating with a Masters Degree in Enterprise Systems provides a practical, industry focused approach in achieving a firm grounding with the key skills required to efficiently manage business in today's climate. Pursuing this programme alongside employment was made possible as lecturers were very accommodating, understanding the balance required to complete studies while in employment.

Khadija Sitabkhan |   MSc Data Analytics

It has been a challenging time with covid and continuous lockdowns but the professors have been very helpful and cooperative. Even though we studied online, they made sure the virtual classrooms felt exactly like the in-person class. I chose NUI Galway since the Data analytics course is rated much better here. The content of the courses is very precise and covered all that we need to prepare us for our future roles.

Aparna Lahiri |   MApplSc Enterprise Systems

The programme encourages critical thinking, enhances problem-solving skills through various workshops and guest lectures. This programme enriched my technical, analytical and management skills which enabled me to secure a position as a Tolling Systems Engineer in Turas Mobility Services. It is a highly rewarding experience and I would totally recommend it to anyone interested.

Kollapudi Nagendra Dheeraj |   MSc Data Analytics

The reason I chose NUIG for my master’s is the course curriculum, reputation that this prestigious institution holds. Alongside having the Opportunity to be able to work in various Projects funded by the European Union as Research Assistant. Guest talks from the heads of various companies were organized like Xperia and CitySwift that gave us an overall perspective of the uses and developments of Data Analytics across various industries.

Huaxing Zhao |   MApplSc Enterprise Systems

As an overseas student joining in the Enterprise Systems family, I can say that it was a great experience. The choice of modules allowed me to develop interests in different areas and broaden my horizons. The most important part for me was learning from the lively classes and nice lecturers. Furthermore, for the overseas students, English skills can be improved a lot by doing presentations, group projects and research thesis. These also helped us to get a job.

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