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ComputerDISC Timetable

Computer Programming Drop-In Support Centre

What is ComputerDISC?

ComputerDISC is a Computer Programming Drop-In Support Centre for all NUI Galway students who are taking any programming/software development courses. The DISC is a free service that supports all students with their self-directed learning in computing topics at all years and levels in NUI Galway.

What services does ComputerDISC provide to students?

  • One-to-one advice and support for students
  • Books, courseware, web links, and other learning resources for programming students
  • A website with information and an email service for all queries
  • Advice for students who wish to learn new programming languages autonomously
  • Assistance with new technologies for project work such as Final Year Projects

The Philosophy of ComputerDISC

What is the philosophy of ComputerDISC?

  • The DISC is an additional service to lectures and tutorials; do not attempt to use it as a substitute to these.
  • Always prepare for your visits as much as possible.
  • Students must bring along their lecture/tutorial notes. It is not possible to get help by showing up with a blank sheet of paper and an assignment sheet!
  • Tutors CANNOT answer assignment questions for you. They will, however, discuss a particular question provided the student has all of their work with them and the tutor is looking over the student’s own solution.

Services That Are Not Provided By ComputerDISC

It is important to make it clear that ComputerDISC will not provide the following:

  • Solutions to weekly lab assignments
  • Exam paper solutions for any module
  • Student technical support

The support of the HEA for this initiative is gratefully acknowledged.