BA in Information Technology Brochure: The study of IT within the BA Degree at NUI, Galway, develops the cognitive and applied skills needed for the design, application and support of computerised systems. It also covers the study of the social impacts of IT at community, national and international levels. During first year, you are introduced to the fundamentals of IT and computing methods, and also develop immediately useful skills in computer programming and internet applications. Building on this foundation, second and third year courses expose you to more advanced topics in programming information systems and computing systems and their application (e.g. internet development, graphics, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, and other topics).

It is important to note that you do not need any prior computer experience to be eligible to study IT in the BA programme.

Who is it for?

The study of Information Technology is suited to students who are inquisitive, creative, like problem solving and want to understand more about the workings of technology and how it is developed and deployed in the world around us. IT skills are best developed through practice and so the study of IT is suited to students who are willing to work consistently and practice their skills, rather than leaving their studies to the last minute. ‌

The combination of IT with another humanities subject appeals to students who have diverse interests and are eager to explore more than one subject in their undergraduate education. This suits students who would like to explore different applications for IT or create linkages between IT and other subjects.

It is important to note that you do not need any prior computer experience to be eligible to study IT in the BA programme.

BA-IT Programme Director

Dr. Finlay Smith      finlay.smith@nuigalway.ie or gy101@nuigalway.ie

Subject Descriptions

First Year  

BA-IT First Year Co-ordinator:  Dr Takfarinas Saber takfarinas.saber@universityofgalway.ie

First Year Modules 

Second Year  

BA-IT Second Year Co-ordinator:   Attracta Brennan attracta.brennan@nuigalway.ie

Second Year Modules‌

Third Year 

BA-IT Third Year Co-ordinator:   Dr Malika Bendechache Malika.bendechache@universityofgalway.ie

Third Year Modules‌ 


Future Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BA-IT programme have a great variety of employment opportunities. The IT skills gained during your BA programme “enhance” all traditional BA graduate job opportunities, while opportunities are also opened up in technological domains, for example in publishing, information management, multimedia, graphic design, technical writing and localisation. You can further complement your BA degree by doing a postgraduate qualification in IT here in NUI, Galway, or elsewhere.

Admissions & for Further Information

Application for admission to the first year of the BA full-time programme is made through the CAO.

Selection of subjects is made after admission to the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies. Information relating to entry, including entry for mature students and transfers from another university, is available here.

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