Soapbox Science is coming to Galway…and needs speakers!

Soapbox Science
Feb 17 2017 Posted: 16:51 GMT
Soapbox Science is coming to Galway for the first time this summer! The event is being organised by Dr Dara Stanley (Botany and Plant Science) and Dr Jessamyn Fairfield (Physics). Soapbox Science brings female scientists and engineers into public spaces on soapboxes, to talk to the public about their research. It has two aims: to engage members of the public who may not have set out to interact with science or scientists, and to promote the visibility of women in science. Since 2011, over 250 women have participated in Soapbox Science events across the UK and Ireland, from eminent leaders in their field to those starting their careers in STEMM (e.g. PhD students). The 2017 Galway event will be held on July 15th by the Spanish Arch, with the support of the Galway City Museum, and is currently recruiting speakers! To apply to visit Closing for applications is Friday 24th February.

Botany and Plant Sciences