Research Staff

Prof. Colin Brown
Director of Ryan Institute

(Seconded from EOS until 2017)

Ext. 2691 
Phone: 353 (0)91 492 691

Research Interests: offshore renewable energy; underwater acoustic methods for seabed sediment properties; geohabitat mapping; marine ecological modelling; geophysics for hydrogeology; electromagnetic and potential field geophysics; numerical modelling.

Dr. Anthony J. Grehan
Senior Researcher

Ext. 3235
Phone: 353 (0)91 493 235

Research Interests: habitat mapping; suitability modeling; deep-water corals; sustainable ocean resource management.



Dr. Liam Morrison
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ext. 3200
Phone:  353 (0)91 493 200

Research & Teaching Interests: metals in the environment (e.g., soils, terrestrial and marine sediments, rocks, waters and biological tissue); elemental speciation; mobility, bioavailability and biomonitoring of environmental contaminants; biodeterioration of stone and environmental mineralogy; lithobionts (algae, fungi, and bacteria).



Prof. Michael Williams 
Professor Emeritus

Ext. 2266

Phone: 353 (0)91 492266
Research & Teaching Interests: sedimentology; coastal processes; caledonian geology.