Leave of Absence is an authorised and temporary break away from your programme. You can apply for Leave of Absence for numerous reasons, including medical or financial.

Should you be considering applying for Leave of Absence, please contact your College/School Office LOA contacts and Programme Director. The Leave of Absence Policy contains all relevant information, please read it carefully.

Also take a look at the Leave of Absence workflow diagram, it steps you through the process involved.

Leave of Absence Guidelines

I would like to apply for a Leave of Absence what do I need to know?

If you are planning to go on leave of absence, you must apply and be granted permission before your Leave of Absence period is due to start. Note: Reprospective Leave of Absence applications may be granted in exceptional circumstances. You will need to discuss with your College/School Office and Programme Director.


What happens to my student record during a Leave of Absence?

  • You will no longer have access to NUI Galway systems or services while on a Leave of Absence
  • Modules that were offered before and during your leave may no longer be available on your return. Therefore you must accept the modules on offer in the Academic Year you return to study


Are there Fees & Funding implications?

  • If you have any queries in relation to fees please contact fees@universityofgalway.ie
  • If you are in receipt of funding such as grants, SUSI, scholarships etc, you will need to notify the funding body directly

I am an International Student, are there Visa Implications?

If you are an international student who holds a student visa please consult with the International Office as your residency permit may be affected.

What happens on my return from a Leave of Absence?