Learn-Live-Lead Model

At NUI Galway we adopt a Learn-Live-Lead approach to sustainability.


The aim with LEARN is to embed learning about sustainability into all aspects of university practice, learning and research. This ensures that our campus community gain the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate sustainable thinking and decision making in the wider world.


The aim with LIVE is to implement the principles of sustainability through campus operations so that our communities understand the importance of sustainable living in all aspects of their lives and value their connection to the physical environment, ecosystems and biodiversity.


The focus of LEAD is developing the campus as a role model for sustainability and fostering partnerships between community and university, so that we all work together to addressing sustainability challenges.

By adopting a Learn-Live-Lead approach,  NUI Galway aims to scale sustainability successes beyond the campus walls, acting as a leader on sustainability locally, nationally and globally.  

Learn-Live-Lead model