Frequently Asked Questions

I have a technical issue, who do I go to?

I have a Curriculum/Syllabus issue, who do I go to?

Where can I access Akari Curriculum Manager Training Documents?

How do I access Curriculum Manager?

I can't log into Curriculum Manager

Curriculum Management site is unavailable?

Akari CM is performing very slowly.

What role does Quercus play?

How does it work?

Why are the deadlines so early?

Why am I not the owner of my modules?

How do I add modules to a course?

I have no access to my Modules/ Courses. What’s wrong?

How do I know where my module/course is in the approval process?

My module has been approved by the College approver. Why is it still in my pending folder?

My module appears in several programmes. Do I have to enter it in each one individually?

When can I make changes to my Courses?

Can I make a copy of a module so I can make changes and submit it as a new Module?

My module appears on several programmes. If I change the semester in which is taught do I need to go into every programme to do this?

Who enters Marks and Standards rules?

Are Learning outcomes stored on Quercus?

What is the difference between a level 1 and a level 2 course?

Why can't I see all the programmes I need access to?

What is the difference between a Course/Course Stream and Course Instance?

What fields are important for the Exams Timetable?

Where do I enter the FTE’s?

What are bonds ?

Where do I add Bonds in Akari?

What is a requisite?

How do I add Requisites in Curriculum Manager?

How are subjects/ modules coded in University of Galway?

How are Courses & Streams coded?

When are codes added for new Modules and Courses?

How do I know what code to assign?

Can I change the title of an existing module?