Deferral of Entry for One Year - Undergraduates

Applicants who have been offered a first-year Undergraduate place in the University may apply for a deferral of entry for one year.  N.B. : Deferrals are not granted in the School of Medicine Course GY501.

The application for deferral should be made as soon as possible after receiving an offer and no later than 2 days before the reply date on the CAO Offer Notice. DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER.

University of Galway will communicate their decision on your deferral application by email within 2 weeks of the application. Please note that you will still have the option to accept your offered place if your deferral request is not approved.

In order to take up the deferred place you must re-apply through the CAO by 1st February of the following year, placing the deferred course as the first and only preference. 


  1. You should not apply for a deferral if you are intending to take a place in a third level institution in the current academic year.
  2. The deferral will not be continued beyond the beginning of the next academic year, and will not be renewed on a second or subsequent occasion.
  3. You must apply in the succeeding year through the CAO by the normal Closing Date (1st February) giving the course in respect of which the deferral is granted as the first and only choice of course, and in due time, satisfy all specified procedures in regard to acceptance of the offer.  Otherwise, the grant of deferral will be cancelled.
  4. Persons granted a deferral, who enter a third-level institution in the intervening year will forfeit the deferral.
  5. Please note, a deferred place in the subsequent academic year is not guaranteed and available places will be subject to a strict quota. 

Application for deferral must be made online by clicking on the link below and completing the online application form.

Please note that deferral applications for Round A is now closed.

  • Deferral Application Form