EU School Leavers

EU/EFTA Guidelines and NUI matriculation regulations.

Applications for almost all full-time undergraduate degree courses are processed through the CAO system. Application for admission to undergraduate courses must be made in accordance with the regulations and procedures and timetable described in the CAO Handbook. The CAO Handbook is confined to giving information on how to apply for admission. Applicants should not attempt to complete this application form without first referring to the undergraduate information literature on courses and minimum entry requirements.

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How do I know if I am an EU applicant?

For the purpose of application an EU Applicant is defined as a student who has been resident in an EU/EEA member state for three of the five years prior to application and whose parents have been in full-time employment in an EU/EEA member state for three of the five years prior to application.

How do I know if I pay fees at the EU or Non-EU Rate?

Information is available from the Fees Office

How do I find out which European qualifications are recognized for purposes of entry to University of Galway?

Full details here.

What are the Other Language requirements for those whose first language is not English? 

All applicants whose first language is not English, or who have not been educated through the medium of English language during their two most recent years of study, must have advanced level English in Final School Exam or must present one of the recognised English Language qualifications (e.g. IELTS,TOEFL) For further information, please refer to the NUI website.

I am an EU student from an EU country other than Ireland or the UK. How do I apply and what do I then need to do?

You must apply through the CAO by the normal closing of February 1st or by the late closing date of May 1st and tick the box ’Other School Exams’.  If you have completed a recognized final school examination, e.g. German Abitur, International Baccalaureate in a previous year, you must send a certified copy of your results to the CAO. If you are taking the final school exam in summer 2024 then you must post a certified copy of results to the CAO as soon as they become available.  Final closing date for receipt of examination results and/or translation of certificates is July 31st.  See the CAO for details.

Is an English translation of my qualification required?

Yes, a certified English translation is required in the case of qualifications not issued originally in English or Irish. This must be sent directly to the CAO, not to the university. N.B. The original qualification must be supplied in addition to the translation.

I am from Ukraine and living in Ireland.  How do I apply?

All applicants who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine and have been granted Temporary Protection in Ireland are eligible to apply via CAO.  Whether you are presenting the Irish Leaving Certificate or other qualifications, you should refer to pages 6 and 12 - 13 of the CAO Handbook 2024 for further information.