Welcome to the VALIDATE Project

Validate LogoWelcome to the website of the Assessment of VentilAtion effectiveness via a longitudinal indoor environmental study in ‘A’ rated Irish Dwellings: VALIDate Project.


This is a new project which will measure environmental parameters and pollutants to assess the indoor air quality in Irish homes that are energy efficient. This project is sponsored by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and is expected to be completed during 2021.


SEAI LogoThe project will monitor environmental quality and pollutant parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2, radon and VOCs) over two winter periods and a summer period for a total of 18 months. This will provide an accurate representation of the effectiveness of whole-house ventilation as opposed to snapshots of individual rooms and periods. Contextual information sheets will be administered concurrently with the monitoring data to capture information on occupant’s awareness of their ventilation system, their thermal comfort and overall satisfaction, and identify any potential mould growth.


An advanced modelling framework will be developed to establish a number of baseline scenarios, with a capability of achieving a balance of energy and ventilation performance in ‘A’ rated dwellings. Simulations-based assessment of the effectiveness of the ventilations systems will be carried out under different ventilation control mechanisms.

This website will explain everything about this study, how it works and how to take part as one of our participants.