Our Vision for Our Campus

To create a campus that is sustainable and efficient, and that provides a high-quality experience for all who study, work, live, play and visit here

We Will

  • Evolve the Campus Master Plan, allowing for further enhancements to our physical campus as an enabler of the University’s success
  • Promote the campus as a cultural, social and sporting amenity by encouraging wider access from individuals, community groups, business, professional and cultural organisations, and other institutions and agencies
  • Attract additional visitors to the campus, by hosting national and international events, among other activities
  • Expand campus retail activity significantly and exploit potential commercial opportunities on campus by developing new services and income streams
  • Continue to promote a spirit of corporate social responsibility by contributing to a healthier, more sustainable and green campus environment
  • Invest further in ‘clean and green’ systems, and reinvest energy cost savings in new sustainability technologies
  • Continue to implement universal accessibility compliance measures

Measures of Success

  • Campus Master Plan reviewed in 2015
  • Current building projects completed – Clinical and Translational Research; Drama, Theatre and Performance; and Human Biology
  • New student residences built – 450 bed residences by 2018, and a further 450 by 2020
  • New sports facilities constructed – Water Sports building; 3G synthetic training and competition facility for all codes; additional sports pitch; and upgrade of existing natural grass surfaces
  • Phased implementation of our buildings regeneration plan, transforming existing older infrastructure
  • Retail and other commercial revenue increased by 30%
  • At least five sponsorship contracts developed, with the support of Galway University Foundation
  • Published building/unit metrics for electricity consumption, gross space assigned, office waste produced and recycled
  • Reorganised operational model of estates management