Students line-out for University of Galway under ENLIGHT partnership at Rugby World Cup

University of Galway Rugby team visits the Rugby School at Rugby Club of Gradignan as part of a trip to the region where the University is a partner on the ENLIGHT programme. Credit: Sophie Pawlak.
Oct 09 2023 Posted: 14:56 IST

University of Galway has capitalised on the Rugby World Cup to further cement its ENLIGHT partnership with University of Bordeaux.

The University rugby team lined out as part of the exchange, including playing a challenge match with Rugby Club of Gradignan and training at their home ground, Ornon Stadium as well as a conference-discussion on inter-culturalism in sports with the two clubs and the Olympic Sports Committee.

Professor Becky Whay, Vice President International at University of Galway, said: “We are extremely proud of our place in the ENLIGHT partnership - even moreso, we are delighted to see such a relationship with Bordeaux develop in such an organic way, with students and players engaging with one another. We hope it is a symbol of the much broader partnerships which can develop between the two cities and universities, as well as at a more local level with Galway and Gradignan.”

The University of Galway trip was facilitated through a collaboration between Renaud Delbru, a graduate and former staff member of the University, and co-founder of University of Galway spin-out Siren, and the Gradignan town hall, particularly Councilwoman Claire Rivenc of IUT Bordeaux, University of Bordeaux. 

Mike O'Mahony, University of Galway Rugby Club, said: “The exchange was an excellent example of seizing an opportunity to build relations and partnerships, thanks both to the Rugby World Cup and also University of Galway’s involvement in ENLIGHT. We have something to build on and we hope we can use these links to learn from our French partners as well, on and off the field.”

The University of Galway players spent four days in Gradignan and also met the local mayor and joined the local rugby school at the Rugby Club of Gradignan, where they met the youngest players involved in the sport.


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