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Students who secure places in NUI, Galway through the University's Access Coures or the HEAR programme are offered academic, personal and financial supports whilst studying at NUI, Galway.


Financial Support         

NUI, Galway endeavors to provide financial assistance to all students linked to the Access and HEAR programmes.  The amount allocated per student is means-tested and in accordance with approved University rates .


Academic and Personal Support

A Student Advisor is available for students who wish to discuss personal, academic, financial or any other issues that may arise while in University.  This advisor will, where necessary, link with the full range of other specific support services available to NUI, Galway students.

Law Advisor - NUI Galway

CMNHS Student Advisor - NUI Galway

Arts Advisor - NUI Galway

Business Student Advisor - NUI Galway

COSE Student Advisor - NUI Galway

 Orientation Programme

This orientation programme provides an essential introduction to the University's programmes and services - academic, support and social.  The programme, which is held in August - September each year, is also an excellent forum where HEAR students meet and get to know other undergraduates before commencing their studies at NUI, Galway.