Processing of D Account Scholarships

  • D Account Scholarships of duration of up to 6-months to be processed directly by Colleges, Schools, Disciplines and Professional Support Units from which the Scholarship was awarded.
  • D Account Scholarships greater than duration of 6-months to be processed by RAO through online scholarship form on RAO website.
  • Student Exemption Declaration “SED” form to be populated and returned by all recipient students before scholarship is processed for payment.
  • Where the Bursar is the Budget Holder on relevant D account Cost Centre, written approval is required by the Bursar before processing the Scholarship.
  • Signed SED forms to be saved in SharePoint site which will be shared with you by RAO (nominated contact to be provided to RAO for access to site please email for access).
  • On Line Microsoft form link is to be created requesting the following information: Name of student, NUIG Student ID, and PPS No. and Bank Account details.
    Link should be embedded in SED form for student to populate (see below for copy of template).
  • The information collated from the online Microsoft form should then be transferred to the Bank Request Transfer form and emailed to Accounts Payable each month, as payment is processed on a monthly basis.

Send Forms To

cc          Mary Nohilly
and        Angela McMahon


The submission of correctly completed Bank Request Transfer forms will be uploaded by Accounts Payable and paid within 10-working days. Should you wish for payment to be made at the end of the month, please request this in the body of your email to Accounts Payable.

Image Guide

Scholarship Form Example1

  • The information collated from the online Microsoft form should be then transferred to Irish Bank Request Transfer spreadsheet and sent to AP for processing.

Online Microsoft Form Example