Payment to Suppliers

The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for paying all NUI Galway suppliers.

NUI Galway can only pay valid invoices received from a supplier.  Each invoice is paid in accordance with the Statutory Legal Regulations governing Public Bodies, as prescribed by the Revenue Commissioners.

Under recent Government rules, University of Galway is committed to paying all suppliers within 45 days of receipt of a valid invoice.  With invoice scanning now in place, the majority of Supplier Invoices must be approved on line via Agresso tasks.  It is the Budget Holders and nominees responsibility to ensure that these tasks are actioned and invoices approved in a timely manner.

University of Galway pays its suppliers fortnightly by EFT (electronic funds transfer).  


Supplier Setup On Agresso

Is the supplier setup on Agresso?

Follow Agresso Menu (see below)

Supplier Status

I need to get a supplier setup on Financial System - what do I have to do?

‌Further information on the Supplier Setup Process and access to the Supplier Setup Form can be found at this link.

Check the status onvoice of an in Agresso

Follow Agresso Menu –  (see below)

Invoice Enquiry

Log on to Agresso. Go to the Reports / Accounts Payable and click on Invoice Payment Enquiries.

A = Invoice has been registered on Agresso and is out with relevant Unit awaiting approval

B = Invoice has been approved for payment to be included in the next scheduled payment run (lack of valid Tax Clearance Certificate may delay payment)

C = Invoice has been paid

None of the above:  Invoice hasn't been received by the Accounts Payable Office so please arrange for the supplier to email PDF Invoice(s) to 


Tax Clearance Requirements

In accordance with instructions issued by the Minister for Finance, NUI Galway, as a statutory body is obliged to seek a Tax Clearance Certificate each year in respect of each supplier to whom we make payments amounting in total to €10,000.00 or more.  This applies to both resident and non-resident suppliers. 

Payments held awaiting Tax Clearance Certificates will be paid in the next scheduled payment run following receipt of such certificates.

See here for further information. 

Codex/Print That – Media Linn/Three

These invoices are paid via spreadsheet upload. Invoices to be kept on file within each unit.

Apleona/Club Travel/CPL/Masterchefs/Sodexo/Students' Union Commercial Services 

Non PO P2P suppliers. A seamless and paperless automated workflow e-invoicing  process within Agresso for ordering, purchasing, approving, paying, and storing supplier invoices.

Datapac/Fisher Scientific/Sigma

P2P Punch Out/Catalogue Suppliers. A seamless and paperless automated workflow e-invoicing process within Agresso for ordering, purchasing, approving, paying, and storing supplier invoices.

E-Invoice Approval Quick Guide

E-Invoice Approval Quick Guide