Returning to study part-time can be daunting, whether you are concerned about mastering course content, completing course assignments and exams, meeting new people or how you are going to balance work, family and study commitments.

These are normal concerns and at University of Galway, we are conscious of the many demands placed on you as an adult learner. This is why all new courses are developed on a modular basis providing you with manageable amounts of learning to enable you to combine work and life commitments with your studies.

Allocating time

As a general rule, it is recommended that if you are a student in a classroom-based course, you should spend at least two hours studying or researching at home for every hour spent in class. This may need to increase coming up to examination time.

The amount of study time involved in an online or blended learning course depends on the individual student. You complete each module at your own pace, within the time frame provided. You must also allow time to complete assignments. Most blended learning courses involve attendance at workshops or classroom-based lectures at different stages during the academic year. The number and duration of these activities vary across the different courses.

Managing your time will be one of the most challenging elements in returning to study. You will need to be focused, learn to prioritise key activities, develop dynamic task lists and aim to focus on high-value tasks

Here’s a short helpful Introduction to Time Management lesson that will help you get started. This useful tool can also help you calculate whether you have time to take on a course.

Time management tips for students: