Help choosing your course

 Choosing the right course can be difficult, however consider some of the following to check if the course meets your needs:

  • think about your interests and strengths                 
  • review the course content and method of delivery
  • contact the course administrator for further details
  • identify possible career pathways and training requirements in your company
  • make your decision on the balance of information available

Many of our courses have a certificate option after one year’s study or a diploma option after two, so you do have exit options (with an academic award) if you wish to change your course of study or finish your studies prematurely. 

Returning to learning courses

If you are unsure about which course to take, the University also offers a number of foundation courses in the area of Science & Technology, Business and the Humanities. These courses allow you to experience these subjects at foundational level for one year.

Each subject area is an ideal preparation for life as a part-time student. Having finished your foundation course you may wish to continue your studies at degree level. If so, we provide a follow-on part-time Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degree courses. Check out our full list of courses.

Schedule a one-to-consultation

Choosing the right course for you can be challenging. Scheduling a one-to-one meeting or phone call with one of our course coordinators may provide you with that extra support to assist you in making your final decision and completing your course application.

You can contact us via email or by phone to set up an appointment:
Tel: 091 494066