Students have the opportunity to undertake a semester long - 6 months work placement in Year 3. It equips graduates to work internationally or work in multinational business environments with a well-regarded, internationally recognised degree.  We have 250+ work placement partners’ including the addition of our masters programmes this year. 

Some of our work placement partners include: DHKN, Corrib Oil, Grant Thornton, KPMG, Accenture, Abbott, Wayfair, ESB Group, Medtronic, Shelbourne Hotel, Boston Scientific, Alkermes, PwC, Aviva, Aerogen, Zurich, Creganna to name but a few.

Work placement is seen as beneficial to students by:

  • Providing the opportunity to put course theory into practice
  • Developing new knowledge and skills which are both course-related and personal
  • Building a stronger CV which highlights new skills and achievements
  • Supporting career decisions by providing an insight into the working environment
  • Enhancing employability and job prospects after graduation.


For information relating to work placement follow these links to our partner websites:

Work Placement for your programme: