CELT Mini-Studio

The new mini-studio is open to students & staff for one-button recording, please simply book and go ahead!

CELT Recording Studio

The CELT recording studio has recently been fully refitted and refurbished. This state-of-the-art digital recording space is now taking bookings as a fully managed service. ​  ​The Studio is located on the ground floor of the Arts Millennium Building. The studio has two main spaces, a control room, managed by CELT staff, and a soundproofed recording space.

​Within the recording space, we have a 'newsdesk' area, where multiple participants can be recorded, and a green screen zone. 

When should you use the studio?

  • High-end, high impact or complex recordings​

  • Requires technology not available outside the studio​

  • Output needs to be professional quality ​

  • Multiple participants​

  • Reusable content worth investing in – year-to-year or on multiple courses

    On a studio project, CELT staff work with you throughout, from planning and scripting, through to facilitating your recording and managing any post-production requirements.

    Get in touch with us at if you have any projects in mind, or to organise a tour of the studio. 

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CELT Podcast

The first episodes of the CELT podcast series are now available for download here & on various podcast platforms such as iTunes

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