Completed PhD: Dr Maria Chiara Marzolla (2024)

Music and the Early Irish Church

This project straddles the areas of Medieval Hiberno-Latin Studies and Historical Musicology, in particular with reference to a hitherto neglected phase of the history of music in Ireland. It has been long known that the development of a specific form of ecclesiastical culture in Early Medieval Ireland (especially c. AD 600–1169) was strongly influenced by close reading of the writings of the Fathers of the Church and it is therefore likely that the domain of music was not immune to this influence. This project aims at tracing the Patristic roots of the 'ideology' of music found in Early Medieval Hiberno-Latin sources.

Supervisor: Dr Jacopo Bisagni (co-supervisor: Prof. Cesarino Ruini, Bologna)
Funding: Galway Doctoral Scholarship (2018–2022)

Research areas: the Latin tradition